It’s been about two months since my last post so I just wanted to give you guys an update and let you know that I’m here and still taking care of business. My training’s been going well and I have the smile to prove it.

I’ve been playing with two-a-days more and more, and have started pairing an evening recovery brush with a speedwork session or tempo in the morning. I’ve found that brushes with smaller heads really work well for the fast stuff and are much easier on the wrist as well. I’m still primarily using my dominant hand for hard brushing, but mix in the left sometimes for easy sessions.

After some initial frustration with the built-in timing options I relegated the Sonicare to easy brushes and recoveries and now use a high-end Crest or a really light GUM for my faster-paced stuff. Furthermore, I’m currently rotating three toothbrushes, since they say it can take up to 48 hours for the bristles to fully rebound. I know some of you think that’s bunk, but I really have noticed that I’m less sore and that my gums are healthier with the varied brushes. I’ve considered going even lighter and have been meaning to try Colgate’s newest line, but what’s the deal with that handle?!

Speaking of which, this was annoying: I was out of town last weekend and forgot to pack a toothbrush, so I had to use a complimentary one from the front desk at the Comfort Inn! It was ridiculous; the proportions were all off and it was somehow crude yet delicate at the same time. To say that it wasn’t a performance brush would be an absurd understatement. It looked like the first toothbrush ever, like something you’d dig up in the Egyptian desert. I slogged through it, because what else was I going to do, but in retrospect I’d have brushed as well with a banana. I had a hard time getting through my 5 minute tempo and didn’t even bother to try my long brush on Sunday, deciding to chew an entire pack of Dentyne instead for cross training.

On Monday morning I tried a sparkly Aquafresh toothpaste (that I bought on clearance) and hated it. I’d really only recommend it if you generally use cinnamon toothpaste – it’s certainly an upgrade over that – but if you’ve been using a premium paste, like Crest Extra Whitening or any of the Pepsodents, you’d be wasting your time with it. It tasted fine, but sparkly swirls are inherently unstable, and my brush was all over the place. It was a disaster.

I remember reading somewhere that the paste isn’t as important as the brush for fast stuff, but I definitely disagree. A tartar control or mouthwash-infused toothpaste really aids in recovery, and I think it’s nearly as important as bristle rigidity and density.

I finally decided on a floss, which some of you will remember was kind of a struggle for me. I got caught up in the hype and played with bare flossing for a while, using my hair like the Tanahumatra villagers have been using for hundreds of years. I gave it an honest go, but realized after a few weeks that I really benefit from a little more support and tensile strength. I certainly didn’t want to go all the way back to bulky Dentotape and eventually settled on a minimal, basic waxed Reach (flavorless!).

Despite the lost time, I certainly benefited from the experience, and you should have seen the look on my dentist’s face when I told her I was bare flossing!

Other than that it’s really been business as usual. I still typically brush early in the morning, but sometimes brush at work if I’m hurried that day or if I just need to sleep in. The sinks in the bathroom at the office aren’t great though and the motion sensors are a little wonky. Also, there’s no temperature control on the spigot so it’s hard to compare my numbers to my brushing at home. I just make a note of it in my log and grade my times. What do you guys do when you brush at work?

That’s about it, I guess. I’m having corn on the cob at lunch today; might have to do a double tonight, not sure yet…

Take it easy guys.