Girls Rule, and Pink Hearts and Glitter

My new running buddy and I headed to the track on Saturday morning for a workout of uncertain length and intensity. The weather was breezy and delightful. Since I had no idea how far she would run, the track was ideal; regardless of when we stopped we’d be no farther than 200 meters from the car.

We arrived at noon.


Back at the house, Little Bacon spent several minutes carefully selecting her running clothes and insisted on approving my own outfit before we got into the car.  Her hair was well thought out.  Mine was recently slept upon.


“Which lane do you want to run in?”
“You run in six, I’ll run in seven. GO!


Remember the last time you had this much fun on the track?


Sorry, that was a trick question. Nobody has ever had this much fun on the track.



The first time around, I pointed out and explained what the different lines meant. The second time around, naturally, we raced.

Lining up for a 200:


Taking the lead in a 200, which is easy to do when you start in Lane 5 and finish in Lane 4:


Her perfect form is equal parts preternatural talent and hysterical bliss. It works.

“What’s this one for, Dad?”


“A 300. That’s three quarters the way around the track. … Because the whole thing is 400, so if the whole way around is 400 then what’s three quarters of…”
“Okay, GO!”

She had migrated in to Lane 2 by the time we got around to the finish. I finished in Lane 4, as directed.

We lined up again.


“Baby, wait. That’s the finish line. You wouldn’t line up there like that. If you want to run a 400 you have to – do you see the next line up there around the curve? That would be for a 400, which, like I said is one time all the way around. Well, it’s one time around if you’re in Lane 1. That’s why the line is up there, because it’s longer if you run on the outside of a curve. But you’re not in Lane 1 so…”




When I run myself to exhaustion on the track, which happens just about every time I’m there, I still have a mile and a half run back to the house. When five year-old Bacon gets exhausted on the track, she gets picked up and carried to the car.


At the beginning I was keeping count of how many laps we did but started to lose track with all the racing (I think we did 6 or 7).  Even though I lost every race, I still had more in the tank at the end.  Plus, she cheated a little.  So there.


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